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Our software has been created to offer a work tool to personal trainers and sport associations so they can work more efficiently and offer a better service to their athletes. As well as being a pleasant work tool, our software also contains a great amount of valuable information on training methods and techniques.

Our main goal is to innovate in the field of training and fuel the excitement related to an interesting job that is becoming more and more popular over the years. We want to become the number 1 in the world in this field. We are relying on our members to tell us any suggestions they might have. We want to update our site on a weekly basis.

Éric Gagnon :
In everyday life, Éric is a computer analyst. He has been training for more than 20 years and also practicing martial sports for 12 years. He is specialized in project management, application development and data storage.

In order to perfect themselves, increase and update his knowledge of training and nutrition, Eric keep reading and regularly attend sessions given by consultants of Coach Export.

The content of our software has been created by experts in their own fields.

Here is the list of our consultants:
Christian Thibaudeau
Vincent Comtois
Marc Sauvestre
René Même
Laurent Lebossé