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Send a cheque to the amount of $ canadian to the name of
"Solution Web Coach" to the following address :

Solution Web Coach
200 rue du Chanoine-Boucher
Beaupré, Quebec
G0A 1E0

Submit the inscription. We will keep the information provided in section 2
until reception of your cheque.

You will enjoy the type of subscription that you have selected at the first stage of the subscription. For every 20 additional clients, you will need to pay 35 $. Your account will be open within 48 hours following the process of your payment. You will receive a receipt confirming the opening of your account by email within 48 hours following the process of your payment. Your subscription is valid for a duration of a year and begins at the opening of your account. To use our software, you must use Internet Explorer 5.0 or more recent. We are not responsible for any health problems or injuries diagnosed while or after using our software. We are doing back up on a daily basis in order to save your files. If more than one person decides to team up with others in order to use the same User ID, we have the right to revoke the access to the software without any reimbursement. This software is protected by copyrights. You cannot copy any videos, photos or codes of this software. Offenders will be prosecuted. All the updates are included in the subscription. Our prices are the same for all our members, no rebates are offered.
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