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  • june 9th : New Mobile Software more flexible with more functionnalities with the customer interface Available now
  • August 7th : Client interface : video consultation ,save and print in PDF format, food preference, send message to your trainer Available now
  • November 9th : Member interface (basic functionnalities and training management) Available now
  • January 20th : New design Available now
  • February 7th : Diet management Available now
  • February 20th (in advance) : Upload your own video Available now
  • March 30th : Course and demo video on all functionnalities
  • February 28th : Planning management Available now
  • April 30th : Performance management
  • May 12th : English version
  • Output examples

    Training book format
    Training normal format
    Training condence
    Diet food list

    In the comfort of your home, A certified consultant will make for you trainings and or diet plans to meet your needs.

    Save time and money while impressing your customers. Let the software make your management!

    Productivity, effectiveness and professionalism; here advantages that you will find there.

    Here is the software that will change the world of fitness and physical preparation! Being accessible from around the world through the net, the only thing you need is internet access and a password to access your files and many other possibilities. This software will soon demonstrate to be invaluable for all associations and personal trainers, (es) regardless of your specialization. On top of being very easy to use it is the most up-to-date and complete software in terms of creating sophisticated training programs, dieting plans and actual planning of training. It is an innovative concept that will make your job more pleasant as well as giving you the ability to be more efficient
    You can access to our fat pourcentage procedure.